Altcoin trx (TRON) course forecast for December 2023

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Monthly timeframe
Hello, my name is Victor. Today, December 26, 2023, we will take a look at the TRON (TRX) course. On the monthly timeframe, TRON shows stability, maintaining its position in the market. This cryptocurrency, ranking third in popularity behind USDT, has a market capitalisation of $9.3 billion. I see potential for growth, but also possible consolidation by the summer of 2026.

Altcoin trx (TRON) course forecast for December 2023

Weekly timeframe
On the weekly chart, TRON is also in a consolidation phase. Indicators such as the stochastic oscillator and CCI show a downward direction, which could indicate a potential decline or continuation of the flat situation.

Altcoin trx (TRON) course forecast for December 2023

Daily timeframe
On the daily chart, TRON shows signs of a decline. The stochastic oscillator indicator indicates an overbought condition, which may indicate a need for accumulation before growth. The CCI indicator is in the middle zone, which may indicate potential growth after the accumulation phase.

Altcoin trx (TRON) course forecast for December 2023

Altcoin trx Buyer/seller sentiment

There is uncertainty in the TRON market. The moving averages are set to sell, but the oscillators are in a neutral position, which could mean a potential market reversal.

Bitcoin outlook
Bitcoin is currently in an accumulation phase, and I predict that this phase may last for some time. This may affect the TRON rate, as there is a correlation between these cryptocurrencies.

Summary of the course forecast for the month
In summary, I believe that TRON could go through a period of consolidation in the coming months. However, a return to previous highs is possible in 2024, especially if there is a correlation with Bitcoin.

Security (our tips)

Use reliable exchangers: Before investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure that the exchange you plan to work with has a good reputation, a reliable level of security and protection against fraud.

Keep your assets in a cold wallet: Hard wallets provide physical isolation of your private key from the internet, making them safer for storing large amounts of money.

Ensure the security of your account: Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) to make it harder for others to access your account. Check activity regularly and monitor for potential suspicious activity.

Be careful with third-party services: Avoid untrustworthy sites, phishing attacks, and spam that may attempt to steal your personal information or access your wallet.

Keep your knowledge up to date: Understanding the latest crypto trends, technical aspects, and threats will help you make better decisions and protect your investment.

Security is an important part of crypto investing and trading. Keep these recommendations in mind

Security in crypto trading and investment
No one knows when and by how much the exchange rate will rise or fall, we can only analyse and compare it with previous cycles, which is what we are doing here. And remember that the forecast can be affected by the news background at any time. The posts on this blog are NOT financial recommendations. The decision to buy or sell cryptocurrencies is up to you.

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