AXS (Axie) rate forecast for March 2024

Welcome to the crypto site. My name is Victor, and today: AXS (Axie) rate forecast for March 2024. Join the discussion on the topic

AXS (Axie) rate forecast

Monthly timeframe
The monthly chart of AXS shows a stabilisation of the rate with possible growth potential after the bitcoin halving. We predict that by the summer of 2024, we can expect to see an increase in activity and a rise in the AXS price, especially given the game’s strong community and significant capitalisation.

AXS (Axie) rate forecast for March 2024

Weekly timeframe
The weekly chart shows that AXS has broken out of the consolidation zone, with a slight increase in price. Victor believes that in the short term, there may be a slight increase in the AXS rate, but the main growth is expected after the bitcoin halving.

AXS (Axie) rate forecast for March 2024

Daily timeframe
On the daily timeframe, AXS shows volatility with the possibility of short-term fluctuations. Victor notes that investors should closely monitor the market to determine the best time to enter.

AXS (Axie) rate forecast for March 2024

Buyer/seller sentiment

The Axie Infinity community continues to be positive about the future of AXS, with high expectations for the project’s future development. This optimism is helping to keep the price of AXS stable.

Bitcoin (BTC)
The overall dynamics of bitcoin has a significant impact on all altcoins, including AXS. The positive trend of bitcoin may contribute to an additional increase in interest in Axie Infinity.

Conclusion of the course forecast
Overall, Victor predicts a positive development for AXS in the coming months, with the main expected growth following the bitcoin halving. Investors are advised to keep an eye on the market and react to changes in the AXS price.

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