Entry to the Crypto, buy Token, 18-06-2024

Welcome to the crypto site. My name is Victor, and today: Entry to the Crypto, buy Token, 18-06-2024. Join the discussion on the CryptoViktor

Entry to the Crypto, buy Token

I will share my thoughts and analysis on technical analysis and forecasting of cryptocurrency rate changes. Please note that this is not a financial recommendation, so make your own decision. I wish you successful crypto trading and investments!

Bitcoin: The importance of the US and Asian sessions

Entry to the Crypto, buy Token, 18-06-2024

I started by analysing the bitcoin rate, paying attention to how the American and Asian sessions affect its course. Using the example of the last few days, we can see that the bitcoin rate returned to the 67-65 zone, as predicted, but the surprise was that the Asian session made its move, buying at 65 when America was also making purchases.

Altcoins: Dynamics and places to buy

Entry to the Crypto, buy Token, 18-06-2024

Turning my attention to altcoins, I noticed that interest in them is declining, but there are opportunities to buy. For example, Litecoin, DOT, Cardano, and others have good entry points. Chainlink looks particularly interesting, as it could yield significant profits after the accumulation phase.

Detailed analysis of individual cryptocurrencies

  • Litecoin:
  • If earlier it continued to move upwards, now its rate has fallen due to the influence of bitcoin. This is a good opportunity to buy.
  • DOT:
  • Buying opportunities remain very attractive. This token has great potential for growth in the future.
  • Cardano:
  • The current prices are among the best to enter. A significant increase in value is expected.
  • Chainlink:
  • After the accumulation phase, there is room for significant growth. A buy at 13 can bring 5x profit.
  • VeChain (VET):
  • An undervalued product that is completing its accumulation phase. This is a great opportunity for investors.
  • Decentraland (MANA):
  • A gaming platform that constantly provides opportunities for earnings. An investment in MANA can be very profitable.
  • Uniswap (UNI):
  • A great opportunity to buy at current levels. This project has great potential for growth.
    Avalanche (AVAX):

An undervalued project with strong potential. Current prices are very favourable for entry.
So, we can see that the current situation on the cryptocurrency market is very dynamic. Despite the decline of some altcoins, this opens up new opportunities for buying. Particularly worth paying attention to are Litecoin, DOT, Cardano, Chainlink, VeChain, Decentraland, Uniswap, and Avalanche. All of these projects have a great potential for growth after the completion of the accumulation phases

Our crypto community is growing, so please share your thoughts and forecasts in the comments. This will help other investors make informed decisions. Remember the importance of donating to the Armed Forces to support our country. Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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