HIVE (Hive) forecast for 2024 year

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HIVE (Hive) forecast

Fundamental analysis and news of HIVE (Hive)
I see HIVE as a powerful decentralised blockchain platform that allows users to create content, blog, interact with the community, and conduct financial transactions. It was created as a fork of the Steam blockchain and has become an independent thriving ecosystem. Hive has its advantages, including a fast and powerful blockchain for Web3.

The project is currently ranked 364th in terms of market capitalisation, which is $136 million. This shows that the project has the potential for growth. HIVE is actively developing, which is confirmed by the presence of an official blog with regular news and updates. Over the past month, the project has celebrated its fourth anniversary, which indicates the stability and prospects of this blockchain project.

HIVE technical analytics

Analysing HIVE on the monthly timeframe, we can see that the project reached its maximum prices in 2021, after which it declined. Currently, the price is in the lower zone, which can be an attractive entry point for investors. On the weekly chart, the situation is similar: horizontal volume indicators show that HIVE is at its maximum lows, which may indicate a possibility of growth in the future.

HIVE (Hive) forecast for 2024 year

On the daily chart, technical indicators also show an opportunity for growth. For example, the stochastic oscillator indicates a strong accumulation phase that is coming to an end. Overall, the technical analysis suggests that HIVE may have upside potential, especially given the current low prices and the expected reversal phases.

Bitcoin forecast, BTC (Bitcoin)

As for Bitcoin, it is currently in the $66,800-7,000 range. Yesterday, a strong decline was observed, which may indicate a false exit from this zone. I believe that bitcoin will continue to move within this corridor, with the possibility of reaching $70,000, depending on the upcoming news from the United States.

HIVE (Hive) forecast for 2024 year

Important news is expected today and tomorrow that could affect the bitcoin rate. If the news is positive, we can expect it to rise to $70,000. Otherwise, bitcoin may remain at the bottom of the range. In any case, I recommend following the news and analysing market trends to make informed investment decisions.


HIVE is a promising blockchain project that offers unique opportunities for content creation and financial transactions. Technical analysis shows that current prices are attractive for entry, and the project’s future looks optimistic. As for bitcoin, it remains in the range of $66,800-7,000, with the possibility of rising to $70,000 depending on the upcoming news

Always remember that the decision to invest is yours alone. I wish you successful crypto trading and investments! Write your thoughts in the comments, subscribe to the channel, and like it. Do not forget to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support our veterans and internally displaced persons. This was Victor, see you in the next video!
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