ICP (Internet Computer) forecast for 2024 year

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ICP (Internet Computer) forecast

Fundamental analysis and news
Greetings. My name is Victor, and today we will be conducting a fundamental analysis and technical review of the crypto asset Internet Computer (ICP). ICP is one of the most revolutionary projects in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, which aims to create a new Internet where all services, applications, and data operate on a decentralised platform. The project has ambitious plans to decentralise the Internet, which makes it extremely promising for investors and users.

Internet Computer ranks 24th in the CoinMarketCap ranking with a market capitalisation of $3.8 billion. The project is actively developing and enjoys significant community support. In recent months, ICP has introduced new features for users, entered into partnerships with leading crypto platforms, and continues to improve its infrastructure. Innovations include expanding Web3 capabilities, improving smart contract functionality, and new software releases. This makes ICP one of the most discussed and promising projects in the crypto world.

Technical analytics of ICP (Internet Computer)

Let’s move on to the technical analytics of ICP. On the monthly timeframe, we can see that after the maximum prices in 2021, ICP, like most cryptocurrencies, has experienced a significant decline and is now in the red Fibonacci zone. Last autumn, along with the overall market growth, it began to move upwards, but after the correction of bitcoin, ICP also returned to lower levels. Now we can observe the formation of a new corridor, which may indicate a future reversal and a price increase to $30.

ICP (Internet Computer) forecast for 2024 year

On the weekly chart, the horizontal volume indicator shows that the price is at $8.3. If there is a return to previous prices, this could mean a potential rise to $500. This indicates the possibility of significant profits, although the risks remain high. It is important to follow indicators and news to make informed investment decisions.

On the daily chart, indicators show the possibility of a reversal. The stochastic indicator indicates a possible upward movement, and the MACD indicator also shows an upward trend. Fibonacci in the red zone confirms the presence of good investment conditions. Overall, technical analysis points to potential growth opportunities for ICP in the near future.

Changes in the CryptoViktor channel

Dear viewers, I would like to inform you about changes to the CryptoViktor channel. After analysing your activity and comments, I have decided to focus on a more in-depth analysis of bitcoin and altcoins. We will be regularly covering bitcoin on Monday and altcoins on Tuesday or Wednesday. This will allow us to better understand the current market situation and predict future movements.

ICP (Internet Computer) forecast for 2024 year

The CryptoViktor website will remain unchanged, where you can find all the necessary information for beginners and experienced investors. We will also focus on strategic decisions regarding the sale of altcoins, which is no less important than buying them. My goal is to help you manage your investments as efficiently as possible and achieve your financial goals.

Internet Computer (ICP)

In summary, Internet Computer (ICP) is one of the most promising projects in the cryptocurrency world due to its innovative decentralised architecture and support for smart contracts. Fundamental analysis shows that the project is actively developing and has significant growth potential. Technical analytics indicate the possibility of a significant price increase in the near future, although the risks remain high.

Changes to the CryptoViktor channel will allow us to focus on key aspects of the cryptocurrency market and better predict future movements. It is important to pay attention to indicators and news to make informed investment decisions. Thank you for your support and activity, and I wish you every success in crypto trading and investing! Don’t forget to donate to the Armed Forces and support our country in this important time.
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