PEPE (Pepe) forecast for 2024 year

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PEPE (Pepe) forecast

PEPE fundamental analysis and news
I see PEPE (Pepe) as a unique memtoken that has quickly gained popularity due to its fun nature and support from the online community. The main appeal of PEPE lies in its meme status, which makes it attractive to a wide range of investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, one of the main risks is the possible copyright infringement of the Pepe character, which could create legal problems for the project.

At the time of writing, PEPE is ranked 23rd on CoinMarketCap with a market capitalisation of about $5 billion. This is an impressive figure, which indicates a significant interest of investors in this memtoken. PEPE has its own official website, active social media accounts, and is listed on many major cryptocurrency exchanges. This distinguishes it from many other memtokens that do not have such a broad support and infrastructure.

The history of PEPE’s creation is related to its high popularity due to its meme status and the support of well-known internet personalities such as Elon Musk. Although Musk is not an active supporter of Ukraine, his support for memtokens such as Dogecoin shows how influential personalities can contribute to the growth of cryptocurrencies. However, it is worth noting that PEPE has no real value or practical application, and its success is largely dependent on community interest.

Technical analysis of PEPE (PEPE)

The technical analysis of PEPE shows that this cryptocurrency has a rather unstable dynamics. On the monthly timeframe, we can see that since its launch in 2023, PEPE has gone through several stages of significant growth and decline. In the spring of 2023, PEPE reached its first peaks, followed by a decline until the winter of 2023. May 2024 was marked by new highs, but now we are seeing a downward phase again.

PEPE (Pepe) forecast for 2024 year

The weekly chart shows that PEPE has had several phases of sharp growth, followed by phases of accumulation. For example, the token rose by 75% in two weeks and then began to decline. This may indicate that investors are using strategies of buying at the bottom and selling at the top. Such volatility is typical for memtokens, which are highly dependent on community sentiment.

On the daily chart, technical indicators such as the stochastic oscillator show that there may be a phase of accumulation that could precede new growth. However, it is worth remembering that PEPE is a highly volatile asset and its future is highly dependent on market sentiment and community support. Technical indicators show an opportunity to enter the market, but investors should be cautious and prepared for significant fluctuations.

Bitcoin forecast, BTC (Bitcoin)

As for bitcoin, it is currently in the $66,800-7,000 range. The recent decline was a false exit beyond an important support line, after which bitcoin returned to the corridor. It is currently at $67,000, and I expect it to move in this range in the near future.

PEPE (Pepe) forecast for 2024 year

It’s important to follow the news from the US, which can affect the bitcoin rate. If the news is positive, we can expect growth to the $70,000 mark. Otherwise, bitcoin may remain at current levels or even decline. Technical indicators, such as the oscillator, show that now might be a good time to enter, but you should be careful and follow market trends.

On the daily chart, technical indicators show that bitcoin can remain within its current range, with a possible exit to $70,000 on the back of positive news. Oscillators also indicate the possibility of growth, but the market remains unstable, so you should be prepared for possible fluctuations.


Thus, PEPE is an interesting project with unique solutions for the decentralised economy, but its low popularity and lack of active support may hinder its further development. Technical analysis shows that the current prices may be attractive for accumulation, but without news and an active community, the prospects look uncertain.

As for bitcoin, it is in the $66,800-7,000 range, and the upcoming news from the US may affect its rate. I recommend following the news and market trends to make informed investment decisions. Always remember that investment decisions are yours to make. I wish you successful crypto trading and investment! Write your thoughts in the comments, subscribe to the channel, and like it. Do not forget to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support our veterans and internally displaced persons. This was Victor, see you in the next video!
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