Bitcoin forecast, 03-06-2024

Greetings to you on the crypto site. My name is Viktor and today I will share my opinion about #bitcoin, #btc-usdt, using the TradingView service, here Bitcoin forecast, 03-06-2024

Bitcoin forecast

Bitcoin (BTC) fundamental analysis and news
Greetings. My name is Victor, and today I will share with you some fundamental analysis and news on Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and its movements have a significant impact on the entire crypto market. Today, on 3 June 2024, we will take a look at its current status and forecasts.

Bitcoin continues to fluctuate within an upward corridor. After reaching highs and consolidation, we are now seeing the accumulation of assets and preparations for a new phase of growth. It is important to note that the summer of 2024 could be a period of preparation for stronger growth in the autumn and winter. It is expected that the bitcoin rate could reach new highs of $80,000 and then even exceed $100,000 in early 2025.

Technical analysis of bitcoin (BTC)

Monthly Timeframe
On the monthly chart, each candle represents one month. We can see that bitcoin is going through consolidation and growth phases. After reaching highs and falling to the middle zone, the rate is now preparing for a new phase of growth. It is expected that the next two to three months will be a phase of accumulation, followed by growth to new highs in the autumn.

Bitcoin forecast, 03-06-2024

Weekly Timeframe
On a weekly chart, each candle represents one week. Here we can see three main phases of the bull market: the first phase is weak growth, the second is strong growth to $70,000, and now the third phase, which could lead the rate to $85,000 in the middle of summer. After that, consolidation is expected before new growth.

Bitcoin forecast, 03-06-2024

Daily timeframe
On a daily chart, each candle represents one day. We can see that bitcoin has broken out of a narrow pattern and continues to move within the $72-65 thousand corridor. If the indicators continue to show positive signals, we may see growth to $85,000 in the near future.

Bitcoin forecast, 03-06-2024

Bitcoin forecast, BTC (Bitcoin)
Bitcoin remains a stable asset with great potential for growth. It is expected that in the coming months, the rate will fluctuate within the limits of accumulation, and in autumn and winter, we will see a significant increase to new highs. Indicators show that in the near future, growth to $85,000 is possible, and then to $100,000 in early 2025.


Bitcoin continues to show a strong bullish trend, supported by both fundamental and technical factors. Summer is expected to be a period of accumulation, followed by a new phase of growth in autumn and winter. Investors should pay attention to key support and resistance levels, use buy strategies on pullbacks, and maximise the potential of bitcoin.

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