Coming Soon: A New Crypto Trading Platform for Mac

Tiger.Trade is a company better known for their breakout success trading terminal for Windows. This unique piece of software lets you connect multiple exchanges and brokerage accounts to the same platform.

It’s also completely versatile: you can use it to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, and Forex assets. Top it off with a top-rated chart, extensive range of analytical tools, and a simulator with up to 10 years worth of historical price data and it’s no wonder you have a hit.

Naturally, ever since the Windows terminal gained traction, Mac users have been using third-party emulators to run Tiger.Trade with varying degrees of success. It quickly became evident that a sequel has to be made and we’re pleased to announce that it’s coming. 

Coded in Swift, the newest Tiger.Trade platform is native to Apple desktops and laptops and provides an experience in-line with all other macOS applications. The benefits of such design go way beyond looks (though, Tiger.Trade does look quite sleek). Having a trading application built specifically for your system means you no longer have to resort to third-party adapters. That means no more overheating, a smooth market feed, and snappy execution. 

Inherited from its Windows counterpart is the much-appreciated Dynamic DOM. In case you aren’t familiar with the name, DOM stands for Dynamic Depth of Market. It’s a terminal module that displays real-time market activity at different price levels, including pending buy and sell orders, which helps to determine which trade should be made.

Unlike standard DOM modules, a Dynamic DOM contains more information about the price dynamics (the full footprint) and highlights priority areas in the market. It allows you to make better trading decisions quicker, which is particularly useful for scalping.  

For the time being, the Tiger.Trade platform for macOS will be dedicated specifically to cryptocurrency trading. The license for the software is promised to be free for lifetime use.

Right now, the developing team is looking for beta testers. If you’re a cryptocurrency trader interested in getting priority access to the Mac platform, click here to sign up. 

The Tiger.Trade crypto trading terminal for macOS is expected to release in the spring of 2022. 

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