We’re opening a Crypto Blog – “Investing in Altcoins”

Hello everyone! So, we are Opening a “Investing in Altcoins” in December 2023.

I am Viktor, the owner of this blog, together with my son, we are opening on crypto topic not the first blog already, we have been running crypto resources since 2015; various websites, blogs, forums, groups, chats, bishness pages, Twitter accounts, and many more.

A blog about crypto

This blog will be for those who want quality information about cryptocurrencies. There will be categories such as cryptocurrency news, about Bitcoin and altcoins, about blockchain from different companies (this technology was given to us by Bitcoin, but it’s growing to be practically used by different companies, even banks are now using blockchain technology, and the scope of application is constantly growing).

There will also be information about how to exchange, earn and store cryptocurrency; that is, about exchangers, crypto exchanges, and investment options.

And of course, there will be information for beginners, where they can start learning about the crypto world from elementary concepts: what is blockchain, what is bitcoin, epherium, and so on. I think that’s enough information to get you started, here we go.

Photo by Traxer on Unsplash

I wish everyone a successful journey into the crypto world!

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